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Throughout the seaons, we are asking fans to send messages of support to Chechu. Make contact with other Chechu fans, just like we have. Tell us how you think the race is going for Chechu.

Let's give Chechu the support he deserves.

Because these are messages for Chechu, we're pleased to include those sent in Spanish or Asturian. Gracias. Thank you.

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Hello my friends,

Another year has gone by. Thanks for your support, and your affection for cycling and for this modest rider.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year. I hope this Christmas will be a very special one. I hope our hearts will be filled with happiness and that this happiness will stay with us until the day when we have no strength left and, at the moment of getting off the bike, we look back and feel proud and contented at the sight of the track of our tyres on the road.

I hope we can share this happiness with all those who will accompany us in the journey.

I hope that in the coming year cycling will be a great show, that we can enjoy this beautiful sport, and that the talk is of nothing else than sport, with big headlines.

Greetings to all of you.

Chechu Rubiera



from Lilian, The Netherlands
Hi Chechu! I wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2007! I've seen you race this season in the Giro d'Italia and in the Tour de France and I hope to see much of you in the upcoming season!

from Jim and Chris Babcock, USA
Hi! Thanks for your message of good will for the New Year. We are great supporters of cycling and wish to let you know about an event that is near to our hearts!

Our 42 year old son, Dave, passed away in 2000 from pancreatic cancer. Dave was a 15 year employee of Eppley Cancer Research, which has a lab working mainly on this type of cancer. He was an avid cyclist in Omaha and raced around the country before diagnosis in 1998.

For 6 years now, his cycling team, Team Kaos, has put on races in his memory in and around Omaha Proceeds go to our Research Fund at the Nebraska Foundation. In 2007, this race will be July 28 and 29.

Take care and have safe cycling! Jim and Chris Babcook
PS Dave's picture is on the Cancer Mosaic. Earthlink Revolves Around You.

from Sophia Maris
All the best for Christmas and the New Year Chechu! May you and your family enjoy serenity, happiness and good health in 2007. Have fun riding, both you and your team, and we your fans will have fun watching you! Thanks.

Tour de France 2006

from Judy Johnson, California, USA
Dear Chechu, I am very sorry to hear of your health challenges during the TdF. It is a race almost unbelievable in its difficulty of riding, to say nothing of the huge race time. We applaude you for surviving and riding to the finish as best you could. Don’t give up, get your health back – that is most important. We will be cheering for you every chance we have. You have the greatest smile. Having briefly met you to say hello at Nike Town in San Francisco in 2003 ( I think that was the year) we knew you were a special person, and Lance was very lucky to have you ride for him. All the best to you, and your gorgeous wife. Best regards.

de Cristina y Roger de Paris, Francia
Hola Chechu, Venimos a Luzignan-Corbières para verte y animarte pero no nos dejaron entrar en el hotel. Me encontraba también al borde de la carretera el día siguiente en Durfort, y te hé visito muy bien en el centro del grupo de cyclistas en una cuesta. Hasta hé gritado tu nombre.
Todos tus fans saben muy bien que es inhumano harcete participar a dos grandes competiciones como el Giro y el Tour, una detrás de otra. Todos tus fans admiramos tu valor y para nosotros tienes siempre la camiseta amarilla de la gentileza, de la amabilidad, de la disponibilidad.
Gracias por haberme dejado hacerte tantas estupendas fotos tuyas en Bordeaux. Nosotros, tus fans, te queremos con mucha ternura. Un abrazo muy fuerte.

from Judy Johnson, USA
Dear Chechu, our handsome rider with the great smile – just ride your race and do your best. All of you who rode with Lance and were his team to take him to winning the TdF yellow jersey all deserve a part of each yellow jersey. Never could Lance win a TdF race without you riding for him. We hope you stay safe and ride well. Giant hugs and thank you for riding for the US Postal team and the Discovery team. You are very right, this does not feel like a TdF race, Chechu, but it is a huge change and will be considered a unique challenge. We fans do not enjoy it so much either.

from Rick Pryll, Charlotte, NC
Chechu, I am a huge fan of the Discovery team and I know that the best is still to come for you in the 2006 Tour. Pull out all the stops, leave all your heart and energy out on the roads of France and bring home a victory in the General Classification for all Team Discovery fans! We are pulling for you.

from Therese, Detroit, USA
CHECHU! You're the greatest! Here come the mountains where you're born to shine :-) Looking forward to seeing your dependable presence in a solid team effort for Discovery. You are invaluable to the team and in my heart, you would have a yellow jersey or at least have a stage win - bonne chance in France!

from Angie and Jerry Kelly, Alabama, USA
Chechu, Sorry we couldn't make it over for the Tour this year, but we're cheering for you and ready to see you shine in the mountains again!

de José Luis Muñiz Rubiera
Animo Chechu, esti añu ye el tuyu! Depués de tantu tiempu trabayando pa otru, esperemos que agora te dexen un poco de llibertá pa que pueas repetir triunfos como los del Giro que tanto nos prestaron. Saludos de un tocayu de Mieres.

de Marco y Amigos de Nava
Querido Amigo Chechu: Despues de años y años siendo el mejor "compañero y gregario" del mundo para Heras, Sevilla, Leipheimer, Landis, Lance ... este año ha llegado la hora de que pienses en tí y que les demuestres a todos los periodistas españoles que eres el corredor español mas regular de los ultimos años y de los ultimos tours. Aparca en esta edicón tu caracter de buena gente y "se egoista para ti" este año. Tu aficion lo espera y Asturias lo necesita.
Recuerdos a Benja. Os vemos en Pla de Beret.

from the Allans
CHECHU! This is your year! Take the race by the horns and make it yours. We have seen you suffer for others; now it is time to suffer for you. We know you are ready; we’ve been amazed by your early season form. It is time. A podium is in your future. Can you see it? We can.

from Kris Mortela
You are in for another grand tour. We do hope you are as ready as you were with the Giro. I do believe you will fare well in the Tour and hope you will get your first stage win. Chechu, Disco will still be the team to beat in the Tour and we are so glad to see you as part of this illustrious non-Lance team. Whatever will be the results, we will be proud of the team. Get on and ride hardest all throughout. Good Luck and more power to you.

from Susan Bailey, USA
Smile often. Laugh freely. Ride hard. We're with you all the way!

from Joan Poates, USA
I would love to let Chechu know that I will be thinking of him and the team throughout the Tour and will be praying for their safe entry into Paris on the 23rd. Duing the day, I will be wishing I was at home watching the Tour, helping to push the guys up the mountains or blowing a stiff wind at their backs during the time trials. Can't wait. GO CHECHU!! GO DISCOVERY!

de Cristina y Roger, Paris, Francia
Hola Chechu, Cada día hemos seguido el Giro en la TV y nos ha maravillado verte siempre entre los primeros, en un contexto especialmente difícil para el Discovery Channel. Cada vez que salías en la pantalla, nuestros corazones latían porque siempre temíamos un fallo o una caída por las pendientes tan ásperas y sinuosas.
Durante este Giro, has sido el mejor apoyo de Paolo y estamos muy, muy orgullosos de tí.
Descansa bien y aprovecha de tu familia antes de la salida del Tour de France donde iremos a verte a la salida de dos etapas.
Hasta pronto. Un abrazo muy fuerte. Cristina y Roger

from Nicky, Edinburgh
It's been a privilege to watch your fantastic ride round Italy. You've done your job brilliantly, and so much more. We've seen lots of you on TV, quite simply because you've always been there. Thanks for the great entertainment, now rest those legs in your beautiful home! Nicky

de Cristina, Paris, Francia
Hola Chechu, Te hemos seguido gracias a la television en la etapa de hoy, martes el 23 de mayo. Hemos admirado tus esfuerzos en la tan dificil subida del Monte Bondone donde has sido una estupenda ayuda para Paolo. Nosotros, tus fans, somos muy, muy orgullosos de ti !
Estaré muy feliz de volver a verte en la Vuelta a Francia en Bordeaux. Mientras tanto, cuidate mucho ! Un abrazo muy fuerte. Cristina.

from Martha Carver, USA
Make them suffer in the mountains, my friend. May you continue to have a monumental Giro! Martha

de Concejalía de Deportes, Nava, Asturias
Chechu un saludo y muchos animos de tus amigos de Nava. Por fin este año podemos seguir el giro con la emoción de ver tu actuación en esta carrera. este año hemos preparado un viaje al tour de francia, así que no te dejes todas las fuerzas en Italia. Suerte que una etapa va a caer 8 por lo menos 9. Marco.

from Rebecca
Chechu, we get up each morning eager to see you race and to check your success. Ride hard and fast, and tell Paolo that we love him, too.
Hola to Chus, Chechu's original Spanish webmaster! Check out his website. Bienvenido, Chus! Rebecca.

from Larry Martin, Kansas City, USA
Chechu, it’s great to have you back in the Giro d’Italia. One of my biggest hopes for this year’s Giro was that not only would you ride strongly for the team, but that you’d also get chances for high placings yourself. So I was thrilled to see you, coming through the rain and the fog climbing to the Citadelle, leaving the peloton behind! I would swear there was even a smile on your face! Well done, and I look forward to more successes for the team and for you personally. Forza!

de Cristina, Paris, Francia
Chechu, felicidades por tu magnífica etapa de Namur que era tan difícil y peligrosa debida a la lluvia. Y también muchisimas gracias por haber sido tan amable conmigo, y haberme dejado hacer tantas fotos para el sitio de tus fans ingleses y americanos.
Eres un encantador ser humano además de un estupendo deportista. Hasta la vuelta ciclista a Francia. Un abrazo muy fuerte. Cristina.

de Jesus Rodriguez Sanchez, Valladolid, España
Chechu, somos muchos los que estamos contigo en la carretera y los que dentro de poco levantaremos los brazos contigo. Chus.

from Kris Mortela
Congratulations, Chechu. You made us all proud for your 2nd place finish in Stage 3. Just seeing you in front of the peloton at one moment brought us to high heavens. We know you will make it to the top one day. Keep dreaming and working hard for those dreams. FORZA CHECHU!

from Nicky
Chechu, you left them all behind with your unbelievable ride today. This Giro is special, there's more to come for you.

from Joan Poates
Chechu, hope you heard the yells of encouragement from the USA. Be listening tomorrow for those same yells. Cheering you and Discovery all the way to Milano. Joan.

from Joan Poates
Way to go Discovery. 4 in the top 30, totally awesome. Sad that Chechu's ride was not telecast. You will be in my thoughts while at work and will catch the highlights at home in the evening, (boy what a time to land a job).

from Cricket Martin
Chechu, the Giro is going to be awesome! I hope you do extremely well. Good luck!
Yours, Cricket.

from Kris Mortela
Chechu, Looking at the line up of the Discos for the Giro, it is truly the best in years. With former LA lieutenants to help the Falcon defend the pink jersey, Discovery will surely be in the thick of the battle. GO DISCOVERY! Color the Italian roads pink for all the Disco fans. Hats off to Chechu Rubiera, my favorite climber whom I believe will be eyeing one of the mountain stages. I am hoping Chechu will also ride the Tour to bring more depth to the Discovery line.
Good luck, Chechu!

After Chechu's ITT, 6 May

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