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Rebecca Bell
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

I support Chechu because he is an elite athlete of great skill who sacrificed his own chances to win in favor of his team leader, Lance Armstrong.
People who make such sacrifices are capable of building great things in any field of endeavor. And Chechu does it all beautifully on a bike. He’s a smart man, a good man, and a fantastic athlete.

Amy Bush
North Carolina, USA

I support Chechu because he's Chechu. He's kind and considerate and he's dedicated to his job and his team without fault. He's a role model to the younger riders in the peloton. He can brighten a room with just his smile and he's charismatic. Above all, though, he's genuine. There is no pretense or air of superiority about him. What you see is what you get.

Christine Kahane
Paris, France

I support Chechu because he is intelligent, friendly and always in a good mood. He never gives up, is reliable, unselfish and devoted to his job and his leader.

Bruno Lopez Vizcon
Mieres, Asturias, Spain

Apoyo a Chechu porque es un modelo a seguir como deportista: trabajador, leal, con espíritu de equipo, amable....Y además representa muy bien a mi tierra, Asturias!!! Todo un ejemplo para aquellos que practicamos deporte.

I support Chechu because he's the mirror I look on when I practise sport. He's got all the values I like: sportmanship, courage, loyalty ... He's a great cyclist and a better person. Plus he's from my homeland, and represents Asturias in a perfect way.

Nicky Orr
Edinburgh, UK

I support Chechu because he's always there. When his team needs him, or there's a mountain to be climbed. He's smart and interesting, he's a good man.

Joan Poates
Florida, USA

I support Chechu mostly because of his work ethics. I will always remember how he gave his all on the mountains for Lance, splitting the peloton to shreds until he was literally standing still. I love the way he always has time for his fans, no matter how tired he is. Chechu is a gentle man as well as a gentleman. The fact that he finished engineering school while on the road racing impresses me to no end. He has a smile that can melt the glaciers. And to seal the deal, I don't know of another rider who would stop at the side of the road after a stage to thank his fans - thanks for the hug Chechu.