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from Martha Carver, USA

Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together and share it with other fans of Chechu. I hope one day, if you have not done so already, you get to meet him. I had the pleasure at the 2005 Discovery training camp in Solvang. Chechu is everything you read: kind, gentle, well-spoken, funny and that smile? Disarming to say the least.

from Gaston Hoffman, Trier, GERMANY

I just wanted to say that creating a website about Chechu is a good idea; he really deserves more attention than he got 'til now.

During the Tour 2003, I spent the first rest day at the Novotel in Montpellier; as, to my surprise, also did US-Postal and Francaise-des-Jeux.

When I left my room in the morning, Chechu bumped into me , as he apparently was in a hurry. Very politely he apologized several times in spanish-accent-english, before rushing off.

When I came to the lobby I saw him stopped once more by a crowd of Postal-Fans and again he took the time to sign autographs always smiling. And I thought "What a nice guy; other riders wouldn't react this way"

A few days later I was waiting for the race 2 miles below the top of the Tourmalet and when the riders came by, I saw a lot of suffering.

But when Chechu passed me in a first group behind Ullrich and Armstrong, I noticed that he looked rather relaxed and I could hardly see a few drops of sweat on his face. This was quite remarkable, because they climbed rather fast and had already passed a fews 'cols' before.

from Christine Kahane, Paris, FRANCE

In fact, as a cancer survivor I was first interested in Lance, who inspired me a lot when I was sick, and then got to know Chechu and George, whose races I follow in France.

I must say that Chechu has become my darling for he is always very nice and seems to know me by sight now.

I am very pleased with his results this year and will be at the departure of the Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré on June 4th in Annecy where I hope to make a lot of fotos.

Last year the departure of the Dauphiné Libéré was in Aix- les Bains (both these cities are located in the Alps) and I got to talk to him and José Azevedo about children. Chechu seems to really miss not having any, specially since José has a little girl and George too. José seems to be a good friend of Chechu's and Triki Beltran often seeks his advice since Chechu is always ready to help anyone who needs it. He is always very relaxed, smiling, and free for his fans. We generally talk in Spanish but his English is very good.

from Susan Bailey, USA

Wow. And to think that I taught myself Spanish so that I could learn more about this awesome cyclist. I was so excited to see the announcement for this website on The Paceline that I almost fell out of my seat.

I have attached a few of my favorite photos from the Tour of Hope in 2004. Thanks for putting this together. It is much easier than reading through Todociclismo, Marca, El Comercio Digital and Terra Deportes!