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See Chechu and team mates answer questions during training camp in Solvang, in CHAT : PART ONE.

You have to subscribe to Paceline.tv, good value at $10 per year, here's the transcription of Chechu's first interview.

Transcribed by Rebecca Bell

My name is Josť LuŪs Rubiera. I am from Spain, and this is my seventh season in the Discovery Channel Team.

Favorite Cycling Moments?

My favorite moment in my professional career was in 1997. I won a stage in the Tour of Italy and it was my third year as a professional. It was a great moment.

Favorite Race?

I like a lot the Giro díItalia. I did it many times. For me, it is a romantic race. Itís really nice.

How was your 2006 season?

For me, it was really complicated, especially after the Giro. I did the Giro and I felt really well. But after that, in the Tour, I was completely empty.

I had big motivation. I focused all my season on the Tour. When I got there, my power was gone.

I just tried to suffer and to finish the race. It was really hard to see myself sometimes in the last five guys as soon as the climbs started. But finally I did it, in Paris. But it was really sad, that Tour, for me.

What are your goals for 2007?

For myself, Iíve got in my schedule again the Tour of Spain. I didnít do it since í03, and I hope to do it well again. Itís my home big tour, so I hope to be well there.

Also I will try to do my best in the Tour of Italy because weíve got again a huge leader, a big leader who can win one of the three big Tours, especially the Tour de France and the Tour of Italy.

So my goal this year will be to help him to get the Tour of Italy and to be in good shape in the Tour of Spain.

Favorite Movie?

My favorite movie is The Princess Bride.

Boxers or briefs?

I prefer boxers.

Blondes or brunettes?


Favorite city?

My favorite city is San Francisco.

Do you have any superstitions?

I always before to start do the Sign, you know, the Cross Sign (crosses himself) and I carry on my bike the Virgen de Covadonga, the Virgin from where I live, a Catholic symbol.