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Where were you born and raised? Do you have family nearby?

I was born in Gijůn, and lived in several places in Asturias due to my fatherís profession and, like Chechu, have relatives nearby.

How did you meet Chechu?

I met Chechu through my brother because they were in the same engineering class at University.

We read that you are a lawyer, what aspect of law do you specialise in? Do you work in Gijon?

Mainly in family law, penal law, and sports law. I have my own office in Oviedo, located 30 kilometers from our home and commute every day.

Do you cycle with Chechu? What other sports do you enjoy?

I am not used to riding a bike because the area where we live is very mountainous and my physical condition does not allow me to climb very high (in altitude), so I prefer to run (do some jogging) from time to time.

Chechu spends a lot of time away from home. What other changes do you personally make to a ďnormalĒ life to fit in with Chechuís racing and training regime?

In fact, I never experienced another kind of life than the one we have now, so I am used to it.

During a big race like the Tour de France, whatís life like for you?

As I said before, this is my normal life, I could not say itís a sacrifice because I never lived in any other way.

In fact, itís like everyday life : the only difference is that when I get home Chechu is not there for one month.

Do you get the chance to go to the races, and do you enjoy watching cycling?

In recent years I have accompanied him more than before, but I never followed, for example, a whole (three-week) Tour with him.

As to watching competitions on TV, fewer and fewer cycling races are broadcast, so itís more and more difficult to watch them.

How do you adapt to Chechu being at home, especially in the off season?

Wonderfully, itís the best part of the year.

From the Asturian media articles we read, it seems that Chechu is a local celebrity. Is that a problem or a benefit?

Generally itís not a problem and, of course, it should not be an advantage.

Do you get support from other cyclistsí wives / partners?

Within the sporting world, on a personal level, there is great solidarity. In Asturias, we are like a large family where everybody keeps in touch. Thanks to this, we feel very comfortable.

What words would you use to best describe Chechu?

He is a very responsible man, eager to do things in the best way he can, and interested not only in his profession but also by everything around him.

When Chechu retires from cycling, what do you hope for your life together?

Only peace and a little more time to ourselves.

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