www.chechurubiera.info - an online magazine for fans of Chechu Rubiera


CHECHURUBIERA.INFO is a co-operative project, set up to publish information, news and photographs about Chechu Rubiera on the internet.

The project is self-funded and not for profit.

Our aims

We aim to build a community of cycling fans worldwide, using accessible digital technology to encourage interaction between the website, its readership and Chechu Rubiera.

We aim to publish content which is fair and relevant. We invite questions and discussion. Our bottom line is always - what would Chechu think when he reads this?

Whenever possible, we use local contributors to provide race reports and photos, rather than our editorial team travelling to each race.

We use the creative skills of our contributors to educate and innovate, and to encourage learning about cycling and its fans worldwide.

Green energy

The website is hosted by 1and1.co.uk, the first large web host in the UK to rely solely on renewable energy. The website is also carbon offset with coco2.org.

The webmaster receives electrical power from Scottish Power's Green Energy H2O scheme. Peripherals are switched off until required.

Our broadband supplier has no ethical policy, and is under review.

More information

We always welcome the opinions of visitors to the website. Contact Nicky Orr or Rebecca Bell.